1960 Galaxie Automobile Specifications

As a member of the Ford Galaxie Club of America, you will have available all necessary specifications for your car. The following are a few examples:

General Engine Specifications

Bore & StrokeType of Valve Lifter UsedCubic Inch DisplacementAdvertised Horsepower at Stated RPMAdvertised Torque at Stated RPMCom-
pression Ratio
Oil Pressure at 30 MPH
6 cyl. OHV 223 Cu. In.3 5/8
3 19/32
V8 OHV 292 Cu.In.3 3/4
3 19/64
V8 OHV 352 Cu.In. 2V4
3 1/2
V8 OHV 352 Cu.In. 4V4
3 1/2

Torque Specifications

Cylinder Head BoltsRod Bearing BoltsMain Bearing BoltsCrankshaft Pulley BoltFlywheel to Crankshaft BoltIntake ManifoldExahust Manifold
6 cyl. &
292 Cu. In. V8
332, 352 Cu. In. V8's80-9045-5095-105130-14575-852626

Price Guide
All ratings are the 1-6 rating. If you need to understand them...click HERE

Note: Deduct 5% average for 6 cylinder
Galaxie, V-8, 119" wheelbase123456
2dr Sedan$7500$5250$3000$1500$900$350
4 door sedan$7400$5180$2950$1500$880$350
4 door hardtop$11,000$7700$4400$2200$1300$400
2 door hardtop$15,000$10,500$6000$3000$1800$550
Galaxie Special, V-8, 119" wheelbase
2 door hardtop$16,000$11,200$6400$3200$1900$600
Sunliner Convertible$24,000$16,800$9600$4800$2900$900
Station Wagons, V-8, 119" wheelbase
2 door Ranch$7800$5450$3150$1550$950$350
4 door Ranch$7500$5250$3000 $1500$900$350
4 door Country Sedan$8000$5600$3200$1600$975$350
4 door Country Squire$8500$5950$3400$1700$1020$350

Also available are: Chassis and brake specs, cylinder head bolt tightening sequence, fuse and circuit breaker locations, valve specs, front wheel alignment, light bulb specs, distributor specs, generator specs, crankshaft bearing journal sizes, piston and pin specs, all liquid capacities, tune up specs, battery and starter specs, car serial number location and engine identification, along with complete instructions to do almost anything you need to do.

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