Mark Reynolds
Ford Galaxie Club of America
4583 Wilburn Drive, Everton, Arkansas 72633-8242
February 6, 1998
  Hi Mark,

Thanks for your new member package, which arrived today. After reading your editorial regarding splinter clubs, I must say I agree 100%. Only by working together with each other, will we realize the greater benefits offered by a large club such as yours. After seeing how GCofA newsletter/magazine has improved since I was last a member, I am encouraging all members of the International 7-Litre Registry to also become members of your club.

As you know, I am an automotive journalist and Ford historian, authoring SUPER '60s FORDS back in 1988, and THE 5.0 MUSTANG BOLT ON PERFORMANCE GUIDE, in 1996. The Mustang book was done as a professional endeavor, the SUPER '60s was a labor of love. Yep, the 5.0s are neat, but they can't hold a candle to our beloved Galaxies. Nothing irks me more than some pompous Mustang owner who believes Ford Motor Company did not exist prior to April 17th, 1964. In this vein, please allow me to insert a plug for my employer, MUSTANG AND FORDS magazine. Beginning this past January, the magazine began publishing monthly and is switching their emphasis from Mustangs to other Fords. Your members should look forward to seeing many more Galaxies in upcoming issues. Thanks for the promo.

In addition to the obvious benefits of membership in the GCofA, the overall goal of ALL car clubs must be protecting our freedoms from a government currently under the control of environmental radicals. If these people have their way, we will all have to watch as our beloved Galaxies are crushed as "environmental hazards".

Keep up the good work, Mark, and if I can be of any assistance, either with editorial, technical, historical or photographic material, please let me know. If any 7-Litre owners need any informaton specific to our cars, please send them in my direction. That is clearly the benefit of two clubs working together instead of against each other.

Galactic flights to all,

John...Thank you for this letter. I agree that all antique car clubs are going to need to unite to keep our hobby safe from over zealous environmental agendas. It has been stated that one eruption of Mount Saint Hellens placed more particulate debris in the atmosphere than all of the puny efforts of mankind since recorded history. I too will recommend that any and all of The Ford Galaxie Club of America's members who own 7-Litres consider joining up with your registry as I see it has a definite purpose for those owners. I am glad to see that one Ford magazine has finally taken the step to ween themselves from the Mustang breast and realize that their are more Fords out there than just Mustangs. The Ford Galaxie Club of America is OUR club and I for one am looking forward to a beneficial and on-going relationship with the International 7 Litre Registry.

Yours in Old Ford Iron
Mark Reynolds
Director Ford Galaxie Club of America

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