Legendary Ford Magazine

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Let's face it, who isn't a Galaxie fan? Ford's full-sized beauty ruled the American road from its debut in 1959, throughout the Sixties, right up to and including 1974. A Legendary Ford if there ever was one! Even the die-hard Chevy guys give the mighty Galaxie the respect it deserves. Throughout the years, the Galaxie has packed more driveline variations than just about any other FoMoCo product too, with its 223, 240, 260, 289, 292, 302, 351, 352, 390, 400, 406, 427, 428, and 429 cubic-inch engine legacy. ??

Our Special "Galaxie Extravaganza" issue is guaranteed to satisfy the casual fan and the hardcore Galaxie fanatics alike. Over 60 pages have been devoted to the car, complete with features and photos of all years, dataplate decoding, a Special "Galaxie Timeline", fold-out poster, a Swing-Away Steering Conversion tech story on a '64 Galaxie, Galaxie Club information, Editorials, and Part 8 of "Saving Big Red". This issue is destined for collectible status, and is bound to sell out fast. Order yours now! Available as a single issue purchase for a limited time- ONLY $8.95 (price higher outside of U.S.)

What else is in the September October '07 issue of LFM? There's a great story on the "Long Gone" A/FX Mustang which was campaigned by Bob Hamilton through Larson Ford in the mid-Sixties. This is a potent, 427 SOHC-powered drag car that has been completely restored to its former glory! Also, Part 4 of "The Resurrection of Thunderbird Italien, Code Cracker, Diecast Review, My Ride, and much more! DON'T MISS THIS COLLECTIBLE ISSUE, ON SALE NOW, (PHONE: 888-857-7772] SHIPS AUGUST 15!

Legendary Ford Magazine
by Mark Reynolds

Back at the All Ford Nationals in Carlisle during our 20 year Ford Galaxie Club of America National and anniversary reunion I met Colin Date.

Colin told me about a dream he had and asked me to help him in fulfilling it. His dream, which he had begun to bring to fruition was to have a Ford and Mercury only magazine that dealt with ALL the models of Fords, not just Mousetangs, err...Mustangs.

As we talked and I envisioned his vision, I have to say, I was intrigued.

Well, my intrigue went to total amazement with the release of the first issue of Legendary Ford Magazine in November of 2003.

This has to be the BEST magazine on the subject of Ford and Mercury that I have ever seen in all my years as a Ford hobbyist. The layout is amazing, the artwork is almost to the point of sensual and the content is beyond your wildest expectations.

Do you think I was impressed? The word to describe my reaction hasnít been added to the English language. Page after page of photography that will knock your socks off of some of the most beautiful Fords you have ever set your eyes on. I am NOT kidding you.

Colin promised to kick out the greatest Ford and Mercury magazine on the planet, and frankly, folks, he has.

If you are a blue blooded Ford fanatic like I am, you have GOT to get a subscription to this magazine.

The tech articles themselves are well worth the outlay.

The first issue was 104 pages of solid Ford information usable by anyone in the hobby. Plus he has some very tastefully done ads scattered throughout the magazine.

Ads for Ranchero, Falcons, Fairlanes, Torinos, Galaxies, Comets, Mustang...if it is Ford, Legendary Ford Magazine will service it.

The magazine is printed in total color and is slick from front to back. You can tell that a LOT of time and effort went behind this.

The main focus of the magazine is stock and tastefully modified restorations. No chopped, bobbed, squashed, peened, or popped look on these cars. No low riders or one-of-a-kind hotrods at all anywhere.

Colin Date has a dream...let us help him realize it. I highly suggest a subscription to Legendary Ford Magazine. You can call in one at: 888-857-7772. The first year will be a quarterly. After the first year, in October of 2004, he plans on switching to a bi-monthly, such as the Galaxie Gazette. I hope to see this magazine as a monthly and plastered on every newsstand in the country. Right now you can only get a subscription by calling one in, sending one in, or going to the Internet.

Legendary Ford Magazine is not available on your local news rack... YET. So call now and help Colin get the party started.

UPDATE!!!! Legendary Ford Magazine is now available at EVERY major bookstore in the country (Barnes & Noble, Borders, Books-A-Million, etc.) AND they are now officially a Bi-Monthly Magazine! Congratulations LFM & Colin Date!

Legendary Ford Magazine
P.O. Box 2707,
Grants Pass,
Oregon (OR) 97528-0285

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