Greetings, fellow time travelers! This page of the Ford Galaxie Club site is dedicated to memories. Memories of times gone by, when "Gay" meant "happy", and "Bad" meant "not good". A time when cars had personality, and you could recognize them from year to year. A time when the worst that happened in schools was kids chewing gum and sticking it under their desks. There are 15 years to visit, however we have no members with 73 or 74 Galaxies so we lack there. We also only have 1959 through 1969 memories so far. We will work on getting 1970 through 1974, after all our time machines are ready, and our pilots are willing to take you to a blast from the past...

My name is Mark Reynolds, and I am your pilot for 1967. A whole bunch of you can get on board, for my time machine is a 1967 Country Sedan Station wagon with a 390 warp drive. I am also the President of the Ford Galaxie Club and design and maintain this site. We will be posting more as time permits, as it is now, this site is the largest car club site on the WWW.

Now, line up and pick your year time machine. As you enter the time warp you will be introduced to your pilot as he takes you on a journey down Memory Lane...















Remember when...
...a bottle of soda was 10 cents and the deposit was 2 cents? And you didn’t see soda bottles all over the side of the road? I am sure glad I don’t have to put Coke in my gas tank!

...a Royal Castle hamburger was 5 cents? took only $5.00 to fill up your whole gas tank and they got mad at you when you only put 50 cents worth in?

...being mischievous was drag racing down some lonely back road with some friends? went to the movies at outside drive-in theatres and battled the windows getting fogged up?

...there were no free-ways? ...the only car hi-jackings there were, were when you had a flat and had to change a tire? could find your engine when you opened the hood? could actually change the fuse without a college degree in electronics?

...a cool prank was to tie the police cars rear end to a telephone pole and then go speeding by? (I did worse!)

...a roll of “Life Savers” was 5 cents? And you could get a 5 pack of “Juicy Fruit” for another nickel?

...houses cost as much as cars do now days? And the cars were as BIG as the houses are now days and had STYLE? went to a gas station and a guy came out and pumped your gas, checked your oil and washed your windshield?

...a brand new Ford Shelby 427 Cobra Sports car cost $6,000 and everyone had sticker shock that saw it?

Now a GEO cost $12,000 and you need one for each FOOT!

...automobiles had those chrome bumpers, fabulous fins, standard V-8 engines and how each car had that "special look"?

...the words to the songs talked about “Yellow Polka Dot Bikinis” rather than shooting policemen or committing suicide? could go to a drive-in soda stand and get your food served at your car window?

...a double dip ice-cream cone was 25 cents? And really had a double dip!

...motor oil was 25 cents a quart, and came in those cans that you had to put the spout through the top of?

...there was ROOM in your trunk? on gasoline was only 2 cents? (Now the tax is MORE than gas used to cost! And are the roads any better?) could get your car painted for $200.00 and it really looked pretty darn nice?

...the word “bad” meant “not good”?

...the worst thing that would happen in your school was someone playing “Wipeout” on their desk?

Nooo...maybe it was the chewing gum under the desk! would fight in school and used fists instead of AK-47’s?