Volume 21 Issue 6 2004
Galaxie Gazette

Have you Flown A Ford Lately?

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    Volume 21 Issue 6 2004    

2004 Nationals - I Was Impressed
From the Drivers Seat
Some Tech Advice
from the Members
From The Dock of Dad's Boat-Hi Riser Hood
By Ted McMurray
On The Road Part II with Lou Schavie
by Lou Schavie
Forgotten Words
from Ed Ridgway
Wagons Ho
By Mark Reynolds
Why do some 1963 and '64 Galaxies have underhood pad insulation and others do not?
By Greg Donahue

Ford Transmission ID Made Easy?
By Phil DeSanto
Special Thanks to Marvin Panch
By Mark Reynolds
8th Galaxie Club Nationals
From Galaxie Land Southeast
Don't Be Stuck Up
By Robert Slater
Company Profile
Qual Krom
Action Network

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