Volume 22 Issue 6 2005
Galaxie Gazette

Have you Flown A Ford Lately?

In This
    Volume 22 Issue 6 2005    

From the Drivers Seat
Junkyard Junket
By Bill Burke
Book Review - Total Performers Ford Drag Racing
By Mark Reynolds
Brazilian Galaxies
By Phil Skinner
By Greg Donahue
The Little Ones
By Mark Reynolds
From The Dock Of Dad's Boat
By Ted Mc Murray
For You 65-72 Owners
From Mark Mooney
Members' Galaxie Showcase
1963½ Galaxie 500 Fastback owned by Montserrat Franco, of Miami, Florida
Member Profile of the 1962 Galaxie 500/XL Sunliner Convertible
owned by Paul & Jan Hobbs, of Columbia, Missouri
Members' Galaxie Showcase
1964 Galaxie 500/XL "R" Code owned by Marti Raineri, of St. Louis, Missouri
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