Volume 23 Issue 3 2006
Galaxie Gazette

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    Volume 23 Issue 3 2006    

I Could Use A Little Help!
From the Drivers Seat
Rambling On
By Ted McMurray
Knocks, Smoke and Shakes are Troubleshooting Aids
By Tom Brownell
Theft Prevention
By Mark Reynolds
100 Resto-Tips
By Greg Donahue
Members' Galaxie Showcase
1969 XL Sportroof owned by Troy Davenport of Douglasville, Georgia
Members' Galaxie Showcase
1966 Galaxie 500 owned by Frank & Skeeter Lewis of Lovelock, Nevada
Member Profile of the 1966 Seven Litre Convertible
owned by David & Jackie Rothermund of Cocoa, Florida
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