Generator To Alternator Conversion Schematic
1959-1964 Galaxies

There are two ways you can install the alternator on the FE 1959-1964 Galaxie. For the "Hi Mount" alternator bracket you will need to purchase a waterpump for a 1965 or newer FE engine so that the bracket can attach. The older FE engines have dowl rather than a tapped area on the pump to allow the generator bracket to attach. This will allow you to mount the alternator to the right side of the engine on the top. There are also brackets available, though rarer that allow you to mount the alternator down low on the FE engine. For the "Low Mount" alternator bracket, you can use the stock water pump since the dowel pin isn't an issue.


  1. Bottom Terminal (arm) yellow w/black strip is power feed from generator to voltage regulator
  2. Bottom Terminal, small yellow wire w/black strip is from field on generator to voltage regulator
  3. Center Terminal (field) goes to the generator light in dash cluster
  4. Top Terminal (Batt) two black with yellow stripe, one feeds power to the batter side of the solenoid, the other feeds power to the dash.
  5. Top Terminal yellow wire feeds power to horn relay attached to core support.
  6. The small black wire from the generator is a ground wire to body of vehicle.

    This schematic shows the Trans Po voltage regulator attached to the back of the Ford alternator. The orange wire with the male connection on it goes to the generator light on the dash. You attach a 10 Gauge red wire to the "Battery" terminal and run it to the positive side of the starter solendoid on the inner fender. That's all it takes for this set up! Trans Po Voltage regulators are availabe from Born Again Classics as well as Dearborn Classics.

The following images address the alternator bracket(s). The top one is the most common. The typical "high mount" bracket. You can only install these on a 1965 or newer FE water pump. The difference between the two is the adjustment arm. The bottom picture addresses the "low mount" bracket. I have found these to be a lot rarer, yet for some reason Ford featured those in their repair manuals rather than the much more available "high mount" bracket. The "low mount" can be used on any FE engine due to the fact the dowl pin area is not used for the installation.

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