This Registry is for the 1966 Ford Custom, Custom 500, Galaxie 500, Galaxie 500/XL, Galaxie 500 7-Litre, LTD, Ranch Wagon, Country Sedan and Country Squire.

The purpose of the Registry is to record the Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) and door tag codes (BODY, COLOR, TRIM, DATE, DSO, AXLE, and TRANS) for the 1966 vehicles listed above. A list of known options each vehicle has is also very important.

As many of you may know, The Ford Motor Co. no longer has detailed records of vehicles produced before the 1967 model year. This has created a challenge to obtain detailed data regarding the 1,034,931 full-size cars Ford produced during the 1966 model year. Only through the voluntary listing of the living and dead 1966 Ford Full-Size cars into registries such as this one, can the mystery surrounding these cars come closer to being solved.

The registry's website contains detailed information, a photo gallery of registered vehicles (when supplied) and picture samples of most of the available options for 1966.

The 1966 Ford Full-Size Registry supports the Ford Galaxie Club of America in its goal of the restoration, preservation and enjoyment of the 1959 to 1974 Ford Galaxie and its full-size counterparts.

Tom Yanulaytis
Manager, 1966 Ford Full-Size Registry

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