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Ford: The Dust and the Glory A Racing History Volume 1 (1901-1967)
by Leo Levine

Ford: The Dust and the Glory A Racing History Volume 2 (1968-2000)
by Leo Levine

The Step-By-Step Guide to Engine Blueprinting : Practical Methods for Racing and Rebuilding
by Rick Voegelin

Engine Builder's Handbook : Inspection Machine Reconditioning Valvetrain Assembly Blueprinting Degreeing Cams Tools Engine Assembly
by Tom Monroe

Ford Performance
by Pat Ganahl

High Performance Ford Engine Parts Interchange (S-A Design)
by George Reid, George Read

Ford Windsor Small-Block Performance : Parts and Modifications for High Performance Street and Racing
by Isaac Martin

Ford Parts Interchange Manual
by Paul A. Herd

High Performance Small Block Ford Engines : The Best of Hot Rod Magazine (Hod Rod Technical Library, Volume 6)
by Hot Rod Magazine

High-Performance Restoration : How to Rebuild and Modify Your Muscle Car
by Jason Scott

How to Restore Your Collector Car
by Tom Brownell

How to Restore Metal Automotive Trim
by Jeff Lilly

Do-It-Yourself Guide to Engine & Chassis Detailing : Show-Quality Engine and Chassis Preparation Techniques (S-A Design)
by Jim Richardson

Automotive Upholstery Handbook
by Don Taylor

Custom Auto Interiors
by Don Taylor, Ron Magnus, Ron Mangus

Custom Auto Upholstery : How to Design and Create Custom or Repro Interiors
by John Martin Lee

Auto Upholstery & Interiors : A Do-It-Yourself, Basic Guide to Repairing, Replacing or Customizing Automotive Interiors
by Bruce Caldwell

Chassis Engineering/Chassis Design, Building & Tuning for High Performance Handling
by Herb Adams

Performance Wheels & Tires : Tire Construction, Tire Sizes, Alignment, High Performance Street & Racing Tires , Tire Testing & Tuning, Plus Sizing, more...
by Mike Mavrigina, Mike Mavrigian

Performance Ignition Systems : Electronic or Breaker-Point Ignition System Tuning for Maximum Performance, Power and Economy
by Christopher Jacobs, Christopher A. Jacob

How to Build Horsepower
by David Vizard

Chilton's Ford Engine Overhaul Manual : Ford V8 Engine Rebuilding Manual (Chilton's Total Service Series, No 8793)
by Chilton

How to Rebuild Big Block Ford Engines
by Steve Christ

How to Rebuild Ford Engines V8, Covers All Makes and Models : 351C, 351M, 400, 429, 460
by Tom Monroe

High Performance Crate Motor Buyer's Guide (S-A Design)
by John Baechtel

Auto Restoration Tips and Techniques
by Peterson, Spence Murray (Editor)

1001 High Performance Tech Tips
by Wayne Scraba

Complete Automotive Welding : Metals and Plastics
by Robert Scharff, Dave Caruso

Automotive Tuneup and Engine Peformance
by William H. Crouse, Donald L. Anglin (Contributor)

Automotive Brakes/With Shop Manual
by Frank Derato

Automotive Engine Performance: Tuneup, Testing, And Service Volume II-Practice Manual
by Ken Layne

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