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1961 4 Door Police Car
as seen in

with Ron Howard, Richard Dreyfuss and Paul LeMat

1967 Country Sedan Wagon
as seen in

with David Soul and James Mason

1959 2 Door Ranch Wagon
as seen in

with Roddy Piper and Keith David

Two 1966 Galaxie Convertibles
as seen in

with Geena Davis and Samuel L. Jackson

1. In "Goldfinger," Sean Connery is driven to Goldfinger's Kentucky estate in a rangoon red '64 Country Squire.

2. Frank Sinatra drives a green '61 Sunliner in "Tony Rome" (for some reason, the vent windows and frames have been removed, making for what would be a drafty, wet ride if a typical Florida rainstorm came up suddenly).

3. The next-door neighbors in "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?" have a light-colored '62 Sunliner which is seen several times in the movie.

4. Clint Eastwood's personal car in "Magnum Force" is a medium metallic-blue 1972 LTD convertible.

5. In "the French Connection," drug dealers look to score a hit while driving a white '61 Galaxie Town Sedan (This car is in deplorable shape, with a headlight out, a bad muffler and some rust and body damage, as the car was 10 or 12 years old when the movie was made).

6. In the pilot movie for the TV series "Crime Story," hostage-taking holdup men are given a blue-and-white Chicago Police Department '59 Galaxie Town Sedan by negotiators, which Dennis Farina then chases down.

7. Clint Eastwood and Hal Holbrook each drive unmarked '72 Customs in "Magnum Force"; Clint's is metallic green and Holbrook's is the same blue as Clint's LTD. A number of SFPD marked cars, '70 and '72 Customs, are seen before and during the shootout scene.

8. Steve McQueen uses a ''67 Ford Custom cab driven by Robert DuVall to retrace the steps of a shooting victim, just before the famous chase sequence involving McQueen's Mustang and the '68 Dodge Charger driven by hired killers.

9. Sean Connery leads several Las Vegas Police Department 1970 Customs on a chase inside a parking lot in which he gets the Customs to collide with each other. Their supervisor attempts to trap him while driving a '71 but rolls the car over. Just prior to this scene, Connery is chased by security guards driving unmarked green '71 Customs in the desert.

10. Clint Eastwood's ride in the original "Dirty Harry" is an unmarked black '68 Ford Custom.

List 1-10 submitted by Pete Shepherd FGCOA #73

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