Garnet Ross' 1966 Galaxie

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Profile of our 1966 Galaxie 500-7Litre Convertible

My first recollection of our car was sometime during the summer of 1994 when I came across it at a cruise night in Milton, Ontario. Instantly I could recognize that this was a vehicle that had been meticulously taken care of and kept as much as possible in its original condition. In the back of my mind, I was somewhat envious of the owner. At the time, I had no idea what a 7 Litre was or how rare they were, referring to it as a superb example of a 1966 Galaxie 500. At the same cruise night two years later, I was having a casual conversation with a fellow car enthusiast about cars in general and I happened to mention to him in a off hand manner that if we ever had any intention of purchasing another classic car, we would want a convertible. At that point, he mentioned to me about the Galaxie 7 Litre that was for sale. He described it to me and then took me to it for a detailed inspection. I could hardly believe that someone would actually part with such a gem. After a lengthy investigation of 2 months and several detailed inspections by those far more knowledgeable than I about classic cars and a short period of negotiation, we finally purchased this car in September of 1996.

During the course of our investigation, we were able to put together a bit of the history of this vehicle and its owners. It was originally purchased new by Mr. Homer J. Sivills of Williamsburg, Virginia on February 26, 1966 There is a story that there may have been a second American owner but this has never been confirmed. We are uncertain how long Mr. Sivills actually owned it or how it eventually arrived in Canada. We do know that Mr. Fred Poirier of Oakville, Ontario bought it from a car auction in Hamilton, Ontario. Mr. Poirier is a car collector and dealer and registered it in the Province of Ontario on April 30, 1981 He sold it 8 days later to Mr. Matt Kuypers of Peterborough, Ontario who is also a used car dealer. Mr. Kuypers owned it for close to 3 months and sold it on August 19, 1981 to Mr. Al Harvey of Homby, Ontario. Al and Charlene Harvey owned it for almost I I years and were instrumental in refurbishing it to its original condition. They sold it to A] and Wendy Kiernan of Milton, Ontario in September 1991. Al and Wendy Kiernan owned it for almost 2 years before selling it on May 12, 1993 to Gus and Carlie Powers, also of Milton Ontario. Gus Powers sold the car to my wife Anne and I on September 20, 1996.

It is almost amazing that this car has had many owners over the past 33 years, yet has a reasonably low mileage of just over 50,000 original miles. It is also surprising that all its Canadian owners live within a radius of 25 miles. We are fortunate to have had occasion to speak to all of the Canadian owners at some length and put together this brief history. Its condition and attention to meticulous detail speaks well of all its previous owners. Our intention is to maintain it in as close to original as possible.

A special thanks goes out to Mr. John Smith and all the other members of the 7 Litre Registry for allowing us the opportunity of joining them each year a Carlisle Pennsylvania and enhancing our limited knowledge of this rather rare automobile.

Garnet Ross
Georgetown, Ontario, Canada

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