"My Toy"
Vince Eaton's 1967 Galaxie 500 Fastback

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I had a 1967 Galaxie back in highschool. It was white with a red interior and a floor shift automatic. Under the hood was a powerful 390 with a race cam and a 3 duece set up. The car was a very fast cruise. But being young, I traded it in a a Boss 302 powered '73 Maverick Grabber. So many years later when I found this white and red Galaxie that was 390 powered I just had to have it. The car has 89,000 actual miles on the clock, and I got it from the original California owner. My girlfriend, Sandy, and I love to drive it around Arizona and we show it at a local show about twice a month. People really seem to just love the old classic. I have had many people come up and tell me that a '67 Galaxie was the first car that they ever had bought new in their life. It's wonderful to have people young and old look at your vehicle at stop lights. This car brings back many memories for me and I am sure a lot of other people as well. I just love the Galaxie's lines and details. To me they are a rare car and the last of a dying breed. So many of these very lovely cars end up in the dredded crusher. What a shame!

Anyway to all of you Galaxie owners out there, I just wanted to say keep up the good work restoring your babies and have fun cruising in them. Put a smile on someones face as they see your wonderful Galaxie drive by. That will always keep you smiling just knowing that someone really enjoyed your car.

Vince Eaton
Phoenix, Arizona

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