Franklin Fitzgerald's
Galaxie XL


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This Galaxie is a 1968 XL-GT, one of 1,855 1968 Ford XL-GT 2 door fastbacks built. This one is number 693 of 1,855 produced.

About a week after I received the car, I removed the 428 Cubic Inch Engine and replaced the heads with medium riser, installed pop up pistons with 13:1 compression ratio and a good cam. I also added dual 4V carburetors and other related parts.

The car ran very strong and after four to five years, I bored the engine out and replaced the pistons with 10:1 compression, put on low riser heads and a different cam. It's been that way for the most part since the 1970's.

I started a body off restoration at 120,000 miles in July 1998 and finished in October of 1999. Everything I replace with N.O.S. or N.O.R.S. I did.

It is now a "brand new" car again and runs like one. It has been 32 years of very good memories. Thank you very much for reading.

Yours truly
Franklin Fitzgerald

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