The top left picture was on the '97 Snap On Tool calendar for the month of July. We acquired this car in l987 through a newspaper ad and was only about 40 miles away. The body & paint was done a couple years before, but needed mechanicals, like shocks, muffler system, complete new front end, all rubber components & seals around the glass, brakes, rechroming but nothing major to the motor. So as time went buy we made it an ongoing restoration, that way we could enjoy driving it. Since buying this vehicle we have put 27,000 miles on it cruising to shows on Vancouver Island, the B.C. Interior and Northwest Washington. Despite the paint being about 17 years old and fading, we still pick up the odd trophy. Spinner hubcaps and bumper guards were options on the Galaxie 500 for l963, so these were added plus a chrome dress up kit for the 390 cu. in. 4BBL. It also has a rare vinyl top which was replaced about four years ago. I do all my own work except upholstery and exhaust. It is not a high performance vehicle but just an excellent highway cruiser and still leaves many of today's cars from the stoplights with the slightest touch of throttle. We are also members of our local BC Vintage Car Club of Nanaimo, B.C. which has been around for 37 years. We hope to enjoy many more years of cruises and car shows with the Galaxie. I also have a fair amount of knowledge about  the 63 Fords if anyone out there needs a little help.  Email Bob

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