Chuck Gill's
1963½ Galaxie 500-XL Fastback

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Well to tell you about my car and my love for Galaxie's. We have to start back in 1963, a very good year. I was a junior in high school in 1963 and had been working on cars with my Dad who was a very good mechanic since I was about 10 years old. My Dad was a very good friend of the owner of our hometown Ford dealer, Mullane Ford of Bergenfield, N. J.. I had to pass the dealership on my way home from school every day. One day on the way home I saw the first '63 Galaxie Fastback being unloaded off a truck. When my Dad got home that night I told him about it and we went to see it. We took it for a ride and we both couldn't believe the performance of the 390. I really wanted it but I had just bought a '55 Mercury and put a lot of money into it, so I had to wait. Well it took me 2 years to get one but in July 1965 I bought my first 1963 Galaxie 500-XL. It was red with a white metal top not a vinyl top, 390, automatic. I went into the Airforce and also got married to my high school sweatheart. We're still together 33 years later. Well I got my government orders to go overseas and the Galaxie had over 100,000 miles on it so we traded it in for a new 67 mustang fastback. I told my wife that someday I will have another Galaxie.

It took me 2 daughters and 30 years to get my next Galaxie. It is a '63 1/2. This one is black with red interior, 390, automatic, factory headers, skirts, 50,000 original miles. After I bought it and started going to cruise nights a guy told me about the Galaxie club on-line. I went home that night and joined the club. My first Galaxie club function was the All Ford Nationals at Carlisle. I got a chance to meet a lot of members and also Mark, who is as nice in person as he is on line and the phone. I did have the car painted in the spring and I plan on having some interior work done. Some of the seams are coming out and I want to get them fixed now before I have more problems. I'm looking forward to many happy years with my new Galaxie and hope to meet more members. I'm already signed up for Carlisle this year so if you are going look for me and my Galaxie. Just for your information I also own a '65 Mustang fastback that was my Moms car. I have won over 75 awards with, many of them Ist place. I've been showing it since 1983 when my Mom gave it to me and I restored it.

Chuck Gill

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