Mel Daley's
1963 Galaxie 500-XL 406 - 405 Horsepower

I originally had one of these in January 1963 but had to sell it by November 1963 because I couldn't afford the $39/mo. payments due to College, marriage and a new bably. At that time I didn't know what I originally had. After finding out about the history of this particular model in the mid 1980's I looked for another one until I found it in October of 2006. Did a complete "Rotisserie -Body off the Frame" restoration and completed it in June of 2010. It has the 6 pack (3-2V) carburation, 4 speed tranny and 4:11 positraction rear end. Entered in 6 car shows in 2010 and won 6 awards. It was my pride and joy in 1963 and it is once again my pride and joy.
Mel Daley
Larkspur, Colorado

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