Bill Beltz's
1960 Ford Starliner
Longview, Washington

A little about my car... I've had her about three years now. I found her up north while on a trip to buy rental house parts. She was complete and stock with 352 4V auto, power windows and seat all in darned good shape. The paint and interior had been redone some time ago. After bringing her home I decided she just wasn't fast enough. So out comes motor and transmission. In goes a bored .060 over 390 with 9.5 to 1 pistons, new crank, rods, bolts. All balanced with an Edelbrock Performer RPM cam, lifters, springs with .572" lift and roller timing chain. I used C4AE 609OG heads with stainless steel 428 2.09 intakes and 1.66 exhausts. With adjustable rockers and solid lifter push rods to do the work with homemade end saddles to capture the ends of the rocker shafts. Exhaust is through the old cast iron headers (ceramic coated) and will be routed to the rear via 2 1/2 inch tubes and Flowmasters with slight detour at the Lakepipes. Carburetion is an all Ford 3 x 2V from manifold to air cleaner. A Crane ignition box and coil will be providing the fire. But I really don't know what to do about a distributor, so as for now I'm going to use a recurved point distributor (About all I can find to fit under the air cleaner). This is all mated to a 1969 C6 with B&M shift kit turning 3.70 traction lock 9".

Now we all know them skinny little tires and pinner hub caps is just not going to cut it. On goes 8" American Racing Wheels with P.275/60R15 back 7" Americans with P235/60R15 front.

Now that's what I call a car!!

Where am I now ... ? Trying to find time to finish up and make it run! Dying to see if all this good stuff works!!

~ Bill Beltz

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