Paul &Rhonda George's
1963 Country Sedan Wagon &
1960 Galaxie Four Door Sedan

...Its exciting to see the direction this club is taking, with the biggest improvement so far being the newsletter. I am also one of the founding members of Nor Cal Galaxies, having been club treasurer for almost 10 years. I am 31 years old, married for 6 months to a wonderful woman named Rhonda who is into old cars as much as I am.

I recently opened a restoration shop in Fremont California called Pony Plus. I specialize in the restoration of 65-68 Mustangs (12 years experience) and 60-64 Galaxies (15 yrs experience) and other classic Ford products.

Pony Plus Business Card

Now, about our fleet! 60 Galaxie 4dr Sedan, 68 Mustang V8 Sprint, 68 Mustang 6cyl sprint coupe and a 84 Toyota for everyday driving. My 63 wagon was purchased new in late 62 by my dad. I took over ownership in 82 and started the restoration which is now complete, and here are the specs:

Exterior: Corinthan White
Interior: Parchment & gold
Engine: 428 (from a 66 Merc S-SS)
Options: Selectshift automatic, P/S, P/B, P/W, power bucket seat, AM/FM, front bumper guards, hood ornament, rocker moldings, door edge guards, brake warning light, roofrack, window washers and more.
Modifications: 15x8 " magnum 500 wheels, Radial T/A's, KYB Gas shocks, fat sway bars, 2 " aluminum alloy exaust with 2 chamber flowmasters. Complete XL package retrofitted from a wrecked 63 XL 4 dr H/T with power bucket seat and power windows controlled at the console. The XL change over is correct and complete in every way. If Ford had actually made a Country Sedan XL, this would have been it.

1963 Country Sedan Wagon

My 60 4 dr. sedan I purchased from a friend in late 87 with the intention of using it for a commuter and then eventually restoring and selling it.

The restoration was completed in 94 and turned out so good my wife will not let me sell if for any reason!!

The car was orignally purchased by an employee at the San Jose Ford plant who went down the line with the car as it was being built, which explains why the car is so heavily optioned.

Here are the specs:

Engine: 352 4 bbl (while not a 360 hp, it does have the correct Holly 4 bbl, air cleaner, cast iron headers and dual point distributor for a 360hp engine which has been on the car since new!)
Trans: 3 speed Cruis-O-Matic
Options: Select air conditioner, P/S, P/B, front and rear bumper guards, rear reflector panels, rocker mouldings, skirts, remote trunk release, windshield washers, clock, hood ornament, & brake warning light, tilt seat, AM radio with rear seat speaker and fader, heavy duty suspension and much more little options.
Modifications: KYB gas shocks, fat sway bars, whitewall radials and 65 Mustang wire wheel hubcaps.

I won't go into our Mustangs but both are fully loaded cars with all the rare options.

By the way, both Galaxies were restored with N.O.S. Ford parts gathered from all around the country. Those pieces that could not be located N.O.S. were refinished to new condition.

Too much money and time went into these cars and we are very proud of them.

Thanks for listening
Paul & Rhonda George

P.S. Here are a couple of my business cards. I also have many, many , parts, N.O.S. and used for 60-70 Galaxies. No mechanical or sheet metal, just trim, switches, emblems, locks, grilles, lenses, etc. etc. {11/96}

1960 Galaxie 4 door Sedan

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