Jakie Sanfilippo's
1962 Galaxie 500 Fourdoor Sedan

member profile, May 1997 Issue

I have owned this Galaxie since 1962. I purchased the car in 1962 in San Antonio, Texas at Hemphill Ford Center while I was employed at Kelly Air Force Base as a civilian worker. The purchase price was $2560.00 which included Power Brakes, AM radio, Ford-o-matic Transmission, Tutone paint, White Side Wall tires and a 292 V8 engine. I traded in a 1953 Crown Victoria on it for $267.00 credit. I made 36 monthly payments of $79.98 to pay it off.

This car has been a very dependable and faithful friend for the last 35 years and still serves me well after 164,988 miles.

Since I have owned the auto I have overhauled the Ford-o-matic twice, replaced the starter and generator, water pump (twice) and master cylinder.

About two years ago I replaced all of the brake components, i.e. hoses, wheel cyliners, hoses and tubing. Believe it or not, it still has the original radiator installed, but it has been patched up several times. I have no idea what holds it together unless it is the paint they sprayed on it the last time I had it repaired. I am using a 7 p.s.i. cap on it as I am aftraid that if I put a higher one on it, it will blow up.

The body is in pretty good shape, although it has bondo in several areas including the trunk and drivers side floorboard. I did the body work myself so it is not a real professional job but I am satisfied with it. It has been completely painted twice with the original colors and it still looks pretty darn good. The chrome trim is still in pretty good shape considering the salt climate here in Corpus Christi, Texas.

At the present time I am doing some interior work on the dashboard and panel. I have had to sort of put this work on hold recently, due to a little heart sugery, but hope to complete it sometime this year. If not, maybe next year?????

If you look at the pictures carefully you will note I have personalized license plates showing "62 GLXY". These cost me an extra $55.00 per year but it is worth it to me to be able to show it off. Oh! I forgot. I have not done anything to the engine yet. It started burning a little oil a few thousand miles back and fouling plugs after about 600-8-- miles. I solved that problem by converting to synthetic oil and good old Slick-50. It still uses a little oil, but no more problems with plub fouling. I guess the synthetic oil burns cleaner.

Well, that's enough about my sweetheart. A little about myself. At the present time I am retired from federal civil service after 37 years of service. I completed my apprenticeship as an Aircraft Engine Mechanic at Kelly Air Force Base in 1960. I worked at the aircraft jet engine test cells at Kelly until I moved to Corpus Christi Army Depot in 1963. I worked at the Army Depot until January, 1988 when I retired. In all those years I drove the Galaxie to work, every day, rain or shine. I just celebrated my 64th birthday recently and hope to be going strong a few more years yet. I have my wife, Donna and three children, Tony, Nathan Charles and Katherine. All grown up and on their own. I have one grandson from Katherine. He's my pride and joy. He will be six in December and just started Kindergarten this year.

Mark, I must say you have really made some great changes to the Galaxie Gazette. It is very interesting to read some very newsy articles about Galaxie owners and their cars. I really like your plans to imporve the club and the Gazette. It is going to be very interesting to see the results. Hope my sharing this information will help in getting our club rating as #1. Take care and keep up the good work. I look forward to my next Gazette.

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Jakie Sanfilippo

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