Hans' & Patricia Winters
1965 Galaxie 500 Fastback

Greetings from Hans and Patricia Winters!

Hello, my name is Hans and I come from Holland. The country with Windmills and Wooden Shoes. I am an American car lover and my first American car was a Pontiac Fiero of 1987. I had a lot of trouble with this car and parts are hard to get in Holland. So after a blown up engine, I sold the Fiero and did buy a little fast car from Ford. The Fiesta XR2i with 130 horsepower. But, I was missing the sound of a big engine.

After visiting a few old car shows, I spotted this big American car. It was a Ford Galaxie. The car was in good condition but needed a new paint job. After a few discussions about the price and a test drive, I did buy the Galaxie. The owner told me that the car was stored for over 15 years in a barn, because the first owner had a disease and was unable to drive the Galaxie. The car was 30 years old and had only 100,000 Kilometers, thats about 60,000 miles on the clock. He also told me that the car was delivered in 1965 by an original U.S. Ford dealer in Holland., and he had the original warranty form of the Galaxie. The Galaxie has original Dutch '65 plates. For 2 years now I am a proud owner of a '65 Ford Galaxie 500 LTD 2 door Hardtop, Fastback. It runs with a 352 Cubic Inch engine and a Cruis-o-matic transmission. It is really a great car to drive. I go to all the meetings in my area together with my wife Patricia. The Galaxie was our Wedding car last September in 1996. Since that day everbody wants to get married in our car! So its nice to have a Galaxie

Our Address:
Family Winters
Burg. Bletzstraat 909
TEL: 0031-294-432380
E-mail: joke.winters@gironet.nl

Met grote bl˙dschap geven w˙ kennis
van de geboorte van onze dochter
vr˙dag 5 juni 1998 om 10.47 uur
Z˙ weegt 2860 gram
Hans en Patricia Winters

Burg. Blezstraat 90
1109 AM Driemond
Tel: 0294-432380

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