Lori Hoak's
1966 Galaxie 500 Fastback

My First Car Is A
1966 Galaxie 500 Fastback

by Lori A. Hoak

352 Police Interceptor with Holly 4 Barrel Carburetor
California Special Order for Seattle Washington
California Air Emmissions (First Year Required in California)
Factory Red with Red Vinyl Interior Trim
Factory Tinted Glass
Side Chrome Package (Different than XL chrome)
AM Factory Original Radio
(Updated with a Dennon AM/FM Cassette Radio, lights up red. Also 150 Wal 6x9 speakers mounted in back window).
(Have Original Owners Manual and cover along with a letter from Ford on indentification of VIN Tag of this Galaxie 500.)


My parents bought my 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 when I was 4 years old in 1972. My family has coined the name for her as Little Red. You might say I grew up in this car. I have always thought this car was neat when I was a kid. When I was a kid the Dukes of Hazzard were popular and I could fit through the windows like the Dukes. I have always thought Ford's were the Coolist cars made, especially Galaxies. Mopars I have never cared for because they didn't have the design concept Ford had. My parents owned a 1964 Galaxie 4 door before 1966 and when they traded in the 1964 for the 1966 we moved up to a "New Car" also one that had 2 doors instead of 4 doors. I was the only child and I could sit up front with mom and dad in the middle way before all this with seatbelt requirements were the law in this state. In 1980 my dad bought a 1977 Plymouth Duster and wanted to sell the Galaxie. My mother a rather calm person protested next to me the loudest because we both loved the 1966 Galaxie. So as you can see, another Mopar Squashed. In 1980-82 the Galaxie was used to deliver The Oregonian and The Journal. In 1984 my dad bought another "New Car", a 1972 Ford LTD. He then gave me the keys to Little Red for my 16th birthday.

Ten years later with some restorative work, getting my drivers license and insurance, she was on the road within a weeks time. My ambition was to make this car into a crusin/show car. The Galaxie was badly damaged in June 1995. So badly damaged my neighbors from all around came to see. Many said it could not be fixed and to junk it. No way was I going to have that. The insurance considered it a total but I fought that too. Also, no body man wanted to touch it. A friend who is a welder, but used to be a body man saved the tail and lights. All that needed to be replaced was the deck lid, bumper and chrome. The transmission had to be rebuilt because every hard part was shattered. This Galaxie was driven to my place of work to pick me up and went home. Unknown to the driver of the transmission being shattered. Fords are really tough vehicles. When we got home the car lost all of it's transmission fluid. I took a non-total and lost $1700.00 because I didn't want total on the title. Red was painted Rangoon Red. Then I started to show her in 1995 but 1996 her 30th year she won two trophies. Little Reds First trophy was won at the Mopar Posse crusin/Carnival. This Galaxie took first place for Under Construction. The next day, this Galaxie took 1 of 6 trophies at Leary's Pub for Best Project Car. There were lots of cars at both crusin's, so I was surprised to win. In August 1996, Little Red was wrecked again and we had to replace the nose cone, chrome on right side and heater core. Again they wanted to total but we bargained them down and didn't loose money this time. Little Red was repainted Rossio Red, a little darker and brighter than Rangoon Red from the last time. My Galaxie was in one more cruisin after she was repaired in 1996. My 1966 Galaxie has a theme character for cruisins, the Pink Pather, and is known at cruisins as the Pink Panther who has class driving a 1966 Ford Galaxie 500. I'm getting ready for the cruisin's to start in March/April of 1997. I am going to be out showing Ford's Galaxie, who is not dead or forgotten for Style and Power.
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