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1967 Ford Galaxie 500 Convertible
as seen in
Baltimore, Maryland

I became the proud owner of my Raven Black 1967 Ford Galaxie 500 Convertible in March of 1997. 1 purchased her in Baltimore City from a elderly man who had her sitting in a garage with a sheet over her. I fell in love with her at first site! He needed to sell her, because his wife did not want to be left with the burden of selling her when he passed on. Also the memories would be reminding her every day of the days they shared spending in this car. He had the original "Mud Sticker" sitting inside of the front window of the car. He had purchased her new from a local Car Dealer (Towson Ford) on May 1, 1967 for just $3,160.00, when he traded a 1957 Ford for her. She would spend the next 30 years in Baltimore City, just being driven occasionally.

She has only 107,000 original miles on her and she "Puffs like a Kitten". I brought her home with me (in Rosedale) that very same day! My wife did not even get to see her, until I drove up with her! She was ecstatic to see that something that old was, still around and in Mint Condition.

My Ford Galaxie 500 Convertible was one of 19,068 cars made in the 1967 year, and here are some of the many healthy features she has:

MFR'S Suggested Retail Price
390 2V Ford Thunderbird V8 $78.25
Select Shift Cruise-o-Matic $220.17
Power Steering $94.95
AM Radio $57.51
Tinted Windshield $21.09
Wheel Covers $21.34
Remote Control Left H Mirror $9.58
Deluxe Seat Belts $10.42

(click on any picture for a full screen view.)

There have been only minor things that I've done to her, which include the driver's side seat being sewn, replacing the original radial tires with new steel belted tires, spraying new undercoating under her to prevent rusting (she is rust free), and getting 5 new snaps sewn on the original Red Boot (it's still in the original boot case). She has a few minor scratches on her, but I am in the process of looking for a excellent body shop to paint her with the original color (Raven Black). Other then that, the way you see her in the pictures, is the way I purchased her! I purchased her for $3,995.00 (A REAL STEAL) I think!

The elderly man was very glad to sell her to me, because he felt that I would take care of her for the next 30 years. I really enjoy her and when the weather is nice, I take my 4 daughters: Felecia (10), Brianna (7), Brittney (7), and Chelsea (4) out for long drives in Baltimore County. They love this car and love the convertible top! They like when everyone looks at them and asks their dad about their car! I look at my children and they remind me of me when I was a little boy driving in my father's many convertible cars. I've always loved older cars, and when I was younger I was always telling myself, someday I will own a "Classic". She sits in my two car garage with a "cover" and a "club" behind her wheel (you can never be too safe now-a-days). I would love to see other Galaxies like mine. So far I haven't seen many in the Baltimore Maryland area. If any member would like to write me about their 1967 Galaxies, I would love to hear from them!

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