Gregory Bryant's
'67 Galaxie 500 Fastback

This is my car. A 1967 Ford Galaxie 500 Fastback with a 289 engine. I purchased this car in January of 96 for $1000 and really haven't done too much to it. The chrome rims were added in June of 97. I put a new Holley 2-V carb on in January of 97 because the old one was givin me a hard time in the winter (I live in Colorado). Other than a front end brake job (which was due to the old owner having the brakes done at K-mart), a starter and putting in a new radio I haven't had to do much to this car. I did back into a pole and ruin the drivers side tail-light and fender extension, which is why both extensions are primered. I plan to have the 289 overhauled in September of 97 and the car re-painted the next summer. Then I will redo the interior, which is in really good shape. So without any further talk heres the rest of the pics..... I also have a home page on the WWW HERE

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