Crusin' and Showin' in Sweden with
Kristoffer Bragd
in his
1970 XL Convertible

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Here is my car in front of our garage at home.

My Galaxie outside the Royal Swedish Castle, outside of Stockholm. Here lives the King with his family. The name of the Castle is Drottningaolm

Graduation day for High School students. I drove a sister to a friend of mine. (Their family comes from Italy, see the Italian flag.)

This is where I work. "OK" is one of hte biggest oil companies in Sweden. We even sell insurance's. Click here to see an add.

My Gal sitting next to a nice Fairlane.

Me and a friend of mine in my '70 Galaxie
at the start of the cruising.

Another shot of my Galaxie.

Here she is at home again.

"Wheels Nationals", A Stockhom Cruising. The only other '70 Galaxie I saw. Furthermore I haven't seen any other '70 Galaxie in Sweden. Rare car!

"Classic Motor" Gathering in Jönköping in the south of Sweden. A beautiful '59 was sitting in the sun.

'63 Galaxie. Immaculate condition.

A beautiful '62 sitting by the curb on Stockholm cruising.

'65 Galaxie newly imported to Sweden. Bad interior and ugly hubcaps. This one was up for sale.

Here is a nice looking '65 Galaxie 4 Door
Thanks for visiting! If you have a '70 Galaxie I would like to hear from you!
Kristoffer Bragd

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