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    January-February 2003    

20 Great Years for our club!
From the Drivers Seat
The Little Ones
by Dave Siek
Old Time Feeling...
By Keith Pearce
1962-64 Galaxie 500-XL Ford's Performance Daze Pt. II
by Robert Ackerson
I have a '63 Galaxie that is different from any other 63 Galaxie I have ever seen...
By Greg Donahue

2003 7th Galaxie National - 20 Year Anniversary of the Club
from 3 Rivers
Tech Tips
by the Members
Members' Galaxie Showcase
Mark Hoegerl of Glourchester, Virginia
Neil & Terry St. Onge from Oakville, Connecticut

Member Profile of the 1967 Ford Galaxie 500
owned by Randall Dias from Harrison, Arkansas, U.S.A.

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