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March-April 2000

Chevrolet Galaxies?
From the Drivers Seat
1968 Ford Identification
Feature article
1968 Wiring Diagrams
From Ford
I am replacing the lower front control arm bushings and offset shafts on my 1964...By Greg Donahue
Petronix Ignition
by Petronix and guess who?
Y2K Nationals
Information on the 5 day extravaganza for the
September 2000 Club Nationals
Remembering 1968
From sources on the World Wide Web
Total Production - 1968
A Galaxie Decoding program for 1960-1974
by Mark Reynolds
The Little Ones
Mark Reynolds
Member Profile of the 1968 Galaxie 500
owned by Member Frank Nice of Brookeville, Maryland U.S.A.
Steering Committe Member list
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