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May-June 2000

Chapter Websites
From the Drivers Seat
1961 Ford Identification
Feature article
Company Profile
Auto Krafters
I would like to convert my '64 Galaxie from manual to power brakes...By Greg Donahue
Points & Condensers
from the Dock of Dad's Boat
FGCoA's Origination
by Bill Barber
Remembering 1961
From sources on the World Wide Web
Total Production - 1961
Chasing Skirts at Carlisle
by Charlie Barone
The Little Ones
Paul Maddams
Member Profile of the 1961 yep, I made a mistake it isn't a Town it is a Club Victoria
owned by Members Jim & Mary Zaitz of Chisholm, Minnesota U.S.A.
Safety FIRST
by Mark Reynolds

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