Edward Woods's
1964 Galaxie 500 Convertible
Simi Valley, California

It was love at first sight. My uncle turned me on to this beautiful '64 289. All original, when I found her, but she needed a bit of help to stay on the road. The interior was a mess and to say it had a top was to say sky light included. The engine, a 289 needed to be rebuilt and that was completed and now she runs like top.

Now back to how I got to drive this beauty. My mom who I lost in 2000 has a great older brother who is my uncle and who is a car guy. We were talking one day about cars and he mentioned a '64 Galaxie. I had no idea I could ever feel the way I felt that day about a beat up old car. This is truly a car my mom would love and when I drive I can hear her say, "Now that's a car."

This is my first old car and I have to say, wow I sure missed the boat on waiting this long but now I drive that boat. I live in Ronald Reagan land and don't run across to many, so far, Galaxie cars. The looks I get on a weekend makes me feel a bit weird but I am getting better at accepting the looks. This car has truly been the best car I have ever bought and it came out of a barn not a show room. I wanted to share this looker with you as it was also mentioned in the last mailing to share. I hope you enjoy pictures of my Blue La Bamba as much as I enjoy the cars I have seen in the MAGAZINE. Now I just need to keep moving it so the wife does not find out. :-) Cheers to all. Built to last Ford Strong.

~ Edward Woods

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