Taylor Lyford's
1966 LTD

I received my car from my Grandfather during the during spring of 2011. My only dream is to drive the car in my Grandfather's Memory now that he has passed. The car came stock with a 4V 390 and a C6. The block has been replaced with that of a 61 Thunderbird. Currently, it is 'bleach white' with a Maroon interior, but I plan to have it painted a dark red (dark cherry/maroon) with the interior redone in black. Im not sure if I'm going to keep stock style hubcaps or if I will update the rims to something else (most likely chrome smoothies or Magnum 500s). I have a lead on a 1966 Shelby Motor, and I anticipate owning it by the end of 2015.

~ Taylor Lyford

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