Tyler Nygaard's
1964 Galaxie 500 2 dr hard top
Gibsons, BC Canada

No photos available.

Just got my first Galaxie about 8 months ago. I've restored a couple of 78 ford broncos in the past but have no old car experience. I found the car on Craigslist but it turned out to be less than a mile from our shop to good to pass up. It's an Ontario built car from the codes I searched original color interior motor ect. It hadn't started in 3 years and hadn't been on the rd in 5 years. Got it for 800$ I think it was good deal?? Got it back to shop changed oil fuel filter coil and ran it off a fresh can of gas. Fired right up and sounds good except for exhaust leaks. Brakes were seized on real bad pretty much fell apart getting them off. Not to rusty no holes through floor trunk or panels. Looking forward to getting started.

~ Tyler Nygaard

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