George Erskine's
1963 Galaxie 500 Boxtop
Levittown, Pennsylvania

My father purchased a 1963 Galaxie 500 XL new from a dealer in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. It had a 427 and a 4 speed.

Sadly at 24 years young he passed from cancer. I was just two years old. Growing up my family would always talk about my dad and especially how much he loved his car.

The car was something I had to have. Now at 50 years old, I finally found and purchased the same model, but with a 390. I'm OK with that since his car is now worth $$$$$$$$. This is a 390 mated to a C-6 transmission. It has a cam, intake, duel Flowmaster 10 series mufflers, disc brakes and soon it will have headers.

I'm so excited to have this car and will have it for the rest of my life...

~ George Erskine

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