Fred Hall's
1964 Ford Galaxie 500
Kingsville, Missouri

I'm returning my red 1964 Galaxie 500 back to its origionality by cleaning and reworking vs restoring. All grease is removed, all clamps of original era tower type, all hoses scripted, and proper era bolts where found incorrect. The first picture it is still wearing its 50 year old paint job, which some people tell me to keep as is. It so rare to find good old paint that I think I will ignore peoples voices to repaint. UPDATE: I received the 2017 AACA HPOF cirtificate. Glad I Didn't repaint as that would change it from the class Original to Restored. Dr. Dent took out about several dents in 2016 and made the car really look nice without disturbing the paint. I'm planning on taking it to the nationals August 2018 for Original Repeat.

4/30/16 I am now the proud owner of another 64, an XL with a 406 engine, tri power, 4 speed, 3.89:1 posi (now 3.25). A fun hot rod to drive. This one I can modify as it is in the Modified class.

I now will work on one 64 while I enjoy the other.

~ Fred Hall

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