Kevin Ice's
1964 2 door custom sedan
Lynnville, Indiana

I am a 51 year old heavy equipment mechanic for a local coal mine.I am married with one daughter. I have always loved old cars.I spent all my spare time as a teenager working in an auto salvage yard. I learned to work on cars by taking them apart down to the last bolt.My first cars came from the salvage yard.I had plenty of spare parts at my disposal and soon learned how to make them run . It was great.It also kept me out of trouble.I bought the car I am working on now in Texas when I was 17.I ended up driving it to Colorado to work on a farm.I moved from there to Indiana in 1988 and had to leave the car behind.It sat there for 27 years until I went back to get it last October.Since bringing it home I have replaced all of the broken glass and have driven it occasionally,yes it still runs.In the process of sourcing parts I ran across your club.I am proud to now be a member and promise to uphold your standards.The fact that these old cars are still running down the road is a testament to American craftsmanship and pride in ones work.They should be preserved and maybe they can help inspire our youth to make this country great once more.

~ Kevin Ice

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