Franklin Dzioba's
1968 Galaxie 500 XL Fastback
Saint Augustine, Florida

No photos available.

I remember as a kid one day, while riding my bike, I stopped and drooled over a 60's model Mustang. That was the first time I remember wanting to won a classic car. I bought my first Galaxie when I was in high school and had it for a number of years. Unfortunately one night, while it was parked, a guy running from the cops crashed into it and I was never able to get it fixed. I eventually had to send it to the junk yard.
Years later I found another one, pretty similar to the one I had before and I bought it. That one I drove around for a while but eventually life got in the way, it got parked and sat for quite a while. I have now begun the process of restoring it and I saved a great deal of parts from my previous one to help. I do not intend on restoring this one to original but instead intend on customizing this car to suit my own taste.

~ Franklin Dzioba

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