Tracy & Don Tredinnick's
1962 Galaxie 500 Sunliner Convert.
Savage, Minnesota

This '62 Galaxie Sunliner is the first classic car I have owned. I have been pestering my husband, Don, for years about getting a classic car. I was never totally serious so It never happened. I decided to purchase a convertible for a fun car. As we were looking at used modern cars we came across a few classic cars in the same price range. As we were looking at cars Don, a Ford guy, kept saying that he worked on that car when he was a kid. He liked the idea of being able to get his hands greasy again. We realized this was a possibility. We were excited as a couple of kids at Christmas. After looking around we found our car, Thelma, at Ellingson Motors in Rogers, MN. They were great! As rookie owners we wanted a turn key car and they were great about steering us away from cars with issues. So now we wait for spring to start showing off Thelma.

~ Tracy & Don Tredinnick

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