Cliff Lambert's
1965 Galaxie 500 XL Convertible
Chesapeake, Virginia

My Galaxie has been in my family for 41 years. It belonged to my grandmother's second husband who passed away in 1976. After sitting in her garage for about 5 years, my grandmother decided to give it to my dad who also (except for a couple of special events) kept it in the garage until he retired in 1997. At that point, my dad decided to take on restoring it as his retirement project. Well, 15 years later, after taking it apart piece by piece and rebuilding it, he has a beautiful car fully restored to it's original OEM specifications with only 45K miles on the 352 engine. For the past five years, he has been taking it to car shows but since he is turning 80 soon, felt that keeping up with it was more than he could handle and decided to pass it on the next generation and gave it to me as a gift in June 2017.

~ Cliff Lambert

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