Roger W Logan's
1964 Galaxie XL
Livermore, CA

My dad worked at Ford for 32 years, and sent big Fords off the line all through the good old days. He and I bought this car together in 1976 back in Michigan, a 40,000-original-mile rust-free "California Car" with a couple bent pushrods. After some engine work, a few sprints at Detroit Dragway, Milan Dragway, and a few car shows, he drove it to Olympia, WA in 1979 when they retired there. It was a daily driver for a while, but became show-only and has a case of trophies, but has also cleaned the carbon out at Bremerton and Woodburn dragstrips. It's a heavy rig at almost 4300 lb but holds its own. All original interior, original paint, glass, rubber, just a couple engine rebuilds and a c6 trans.

After my dad passed away in early 2017 I brought the car back down to California to its new home with us, so it is a "California Car" once again.

~ Roger W Logan

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