Olin Gates's
1967 Galaxie XL Convertible
Ashland, Kentucky

No photos available.

I bought my first Galaxie , a 1963 1/2, fastback off the show room floor when they first came out. I kept it until the 1965 models came out, then I bought a fastback and kept it until I bought a 1967 fastback with a 7 litre package. Boy, what a Galaxie.

Family growth forced the next purchase to be a '71 Country Squire Brougham, which was a nice vehicle.

Presently I have acquired a '67 XL convertible. It is not a restoration but a revived vehicle. I did all the body work and paint and had the 390 built .40 over.

I have since acquired a 1966 Galaxie 500 fastback which came from Texas. A very nice almost rust free car and that is my project to work with now. I am a Ford guy and will stay that way.

I have had three '67's that I used to fix up the convertible and over the past few years have sold quite a few parts from the donor cars to club members.

Thanks for the Ford Galaxie Club and all the hard work Mark and family have done to make it a success!!

~ Olin Gates

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