John & Betty Blizzard's
1966 Galaxie 500 Convertible
Alexandria, Virginia

I am a long time member of this great club. (Since February of 1999) I bought this car in December 1998 and spent the next ten years restoring it and enjoyed every minute of it. The engine is a 390 with automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, AM/FM radio with an original 8 track player that still sounds great. All the interior is new with the original design. It has a new top with glass window. The engine and transmission were rebuilt. I replaced everything from the ground up. I also installed a Continental kit. I think it looks cool but some don't like it. I take it to about 20 car shows a year and win most times. Mostly I enjoy driving it around with the top down playing good old music on the 8 track. I love the Ford Galaxie Club magazine and I will be a member for life.

~ John & Betty Blizzard

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