Jack Sullivan's
1963 Galaxie 500 - Fire Chief
Midlothian, Virginia

I'm the third owner of this 1963 4-door. The car is originally from Salisbury, NC. It was obtained by the 2nd owner, Steve Cloutier, in Carmel, NC in the early 90's. Steve was at that time the fire chief in Carmel, NC right outside of Charlotte. He cloned the car into the fire chief ride and used it for FD and community activities and fire prevention. He added a FD radio, warning lights and siren, and gold leaf markings on the sides and rear trunk lid. I was fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time in 2001 when Steve decided to let it go. I drove it home to Midlothian, VA and have been it's caretaker ever since. It has a 289-V8 and is still mostly all original. New carpet inside but the rest of the interior and the paint job are all original. We drive it regularly to car shows, antique fire equipment musters and parades and other events throughout Virginia and NC.

~ Jack Sullivan

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