To place an ad with The Ford Galaxie Club of America:

We offer FREE advertising to members of the club with the following guidelines.
An ad with FIVE pictures is allowed to go up once a year. More than TWO picture ads is a $15.00 charge the third time. An ad with text only, up to 50 words or less is allowed to go up 4 times a year. Over 50 words is .15 cents a word. Payment MUST accompany any ad longer than the 50 words. All ads must have the prices of items included or a statement of Best Offer. If you are a club member you can post your own ads via the link on your account page. Member Log In

All ads MUST be Galaxie related or able to be used with a Galaxie. No posting for sale ads for automobiles other than Galaxies (full sized Fords between 1959 - 1974) or full sized Mercurys. Any ad that is found to be objectionable will be taken down. There can be no ads that are discriminatory, sexually oriented, politically oriented or religious oriented. Service and miscellaneous ads must be submitted directly to the club via E-mail or postal mail to get them posted. All ads are monitored.

For non-members an ad with FIVE pictures is a donation of $20.00 and runs for two-four months, unless you contact us to remove it. The text of the ad goes in the club magazine and runs once included in the price. A text only ad on the Internet site and in the magazine for non-members is $10.00 for up to 50 words. Over 50 words is .20 cents a word. You can also E-mail the ad to us if you use PayPal to pay for the ad. Place the ad in the comment box of the PayPal payment page and if there are any pictures, E-mail them to us.

Please send all the information, pictures, etc. and a check made payable to the Ford Galaxie Club of America to: P.O. Bx 429
Valley Springs, Arkansas 72682-0429
(870) 743-9757

Thank You for your interest...

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