A Quick Note to
On-line Members about picture submissions
for the International Car Show...

This note is in reference to the E-mails that we get regarding car pictures not being on-line. First of all, we need to make it clear that having your car on-line is not a benefit. It is an extra. If you are an on-line member and would like to have your car on-line, we need you to do something extra. We need you to make every effort to take a "calendar" quality picture or two of your car using the blue ribbon pictures and the set done with Earl Wilson's 60 Starliner as a guide of what to do. We are no longer limited by disc space and can now put up 1000+ 100K pictures. We can now allow five pictures of your car, as long as you supply them. If we have to scan them there will be a $3.00 scan charge each. So if you want to have a homepage for your car at the club website, it is available, as long as you make the effort to send in a story about you and your car and the pictures you want to have posted. If you want more than the five pictures, you MUST provide a story as well as digital pictures. Your page will stay up as long as the club exists. We hope this helps you to understand more about the "International Car Show". So, if you make the effort that we ask, we will make the effort to get the picture(s) up.

A quick guide is:

  • 1. No Polaroid pictures will be used
  • 2. No color copy machine pictures will be used.
  • 3. No pictures with unsightly background will be used.
  • 4. Pictures with people in them can be used as long as the picture is of YOU. Anyone else has to sign a release form.
  • 5. If your car has body damage, needs painting or is under restoration, you either need to take a shot that does not show body damage or the need of paint, such as paint coming off the hood or top.
  • 6. When composition is not adequate. (for instance the fender is cut off or the front of the car is missing or the car is being hid by a tree, etc.)

If you want to scan in your own pictures and send them to us via E-mail, PLEASE take the picture at the highest resolution that you can then resize them to 1200 pixels wide by whatever the proportianal height is. This will keep them down close to 100K in size. You also MUST save them as .jpg so that we can post them.

DO NOT SEND ANY FORMAT OTHER THAN .JPG. We will discard the file and will not even look at it if you do. You need to realize that our E-mail program is not just used for the Ford Galaxie Club, but rather for our work and other purposes.

So basically, when you look through your viewfinder, ask youself this quick question..."Would I like to see what I am looking at on a Club Calendar?" If the answer is YES, take the shot, and send it in! If what you send in actually would look good on a Calendar, it COULD end up on one! (If we do one.)

If you look at the examples that we have set forth, and use them as your outline, your pictures WILL be posted.

Thank You
Mark Reynolds
Mark Reynolds / Director FGCoA

Revised 8/2010

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