November-December 1998
Galaxie Gazette

Have you Flown A Ford Lately?

In This Issue:

A New Member Service...
From the Drivers Seat
Some Galaxie Problem Answers
By Member Bob Warner
I want to put front and rear seatbelts in my 64 Galaxie, but...By Greg Donahue
1969 Information
From Ken Sturm
My '64
From the Dock of Dad's Boat
FE Engine Overheating Problems & Remedies
By Ted McMurray and Mark Reynolds
He Blue It
By John Smith, President of the 7 Litre Registry Chapter
On The Numbers -
Matching the Numbers on a Ford Tri-Power Setup
By Member Dub Greene
Your First Reaction -
How do you react to a emergency braking situation?
Refinishing and Polishing Stainless Steel Trim
By Member Jim McKee
What to Look For In A Repair Shop
Don't make the same mistake that I have made!
Woman Drivers -
See if you can argue against this view!
From the Tin Lizzie

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