November - December
Galaxie Gazette

Have you Flown A Ford Lately?

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November-December 2000

Let's Work on Getting More Models Made - More of What is in Store
From the Drivers Seat
The Great 3,040 Mile Parts Run
Part III

by Greg Mc Vickers
Rating That Galaxie!
by Old Cars Price Guide
I am restoring the engine compartment of my '64 Galaxie
with a big block and I would like to know what the
correct colors are for the engine compartment...
By Greg Donahue

The Little Ones - Upcoming Galaxie Models
by Paul Maddams
How To Choose The Right Body Shop
from A.S.E.
Desktop Dyno 2000
From Mr. Gasket
Remembering 1963
from the WWW
"Dad's Boat"
Member Profile of the 1963½ Galaxie 500-XL

owned by Member Ted McMurray of Montrose, Michigan U.S.A.

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