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not a sound you like to hear to say the least. Especially when it is while you are trying to start your car in the garage. Well that is what happens when the electronic ignition starts acting up and too much gas gets into the exhaust system. I'd heard of it before, but I had never been 'privy' to being involved in a first hand experience. And what a fun experience it was. My car now sounded like a truck instead of a 390 Convertible. Since we use the car for different articles and since now I needed new mufflers for sure (see picture!) I decided to contact Spin Tech and talked to the owner, Ron Di Donato. He sent me a pair of the mufflers to install. After having them installed, I have to say, they DO have a unique sound!

They are also a bit strange looking compared to what I am used to. They don't look like anything you have ever seen if you look inside of the intake and exhaust holes. They do not have any packing in them at all. Note the shape in picture two. Also note the v shaped weld marks caused by the guts that are welded to the case. The price is very competitive if not less than 'Flowmasters' without the deep throbbing echo that will give you a headache on a long drive.

The story of the muffler goes like this: Designed and developed for serious competition, Race Proven Performance.
In the early 1980's, mufflers on race cars were rare, but as the population encroached on local race venues, sound levels started being monitored. As sound level regulations became more stringent it was apparent performance was being compromised and the search for performance race mufflers began. In late 1995, Spin Tech began to develop a high flow racing muffler for competition.
After over a year of testing under real race conditions as well as engine room dyno-testing, Spin Tech was ready to go heads up against other performance mufflers.
Their first full year of competition brought Spin Tech performance mufflers championships in two of the toughest open wheel racing organizations, The World of Out Laws and The Sprint Car Racing Association. Spin Tech is now the dominant muffler in open wheel competition. It's not uncommon to find 80% of the field using Spin Tech mufflers. Some of the most prominent people in open wheel racing report that Spin Tech mufflers are the 'best muffler they've ever tested.' From Portland to Tucson and Eastward, Spin Tech is there every lap!
In late 1998, Spin Tech embarked on a new advanced technology for the drag racing industry that would ultimately spill over the high performance street market.
For the hot rod enthusiast, Spin Tech developed affordable oval exhaust system components that had previously only been used in big league stock car racing. From 2" to 5" oval systems, they are already finding their way down the 1/4 mile approaching the 200-mph mark.

Company Name: Spin Tech Mufflers
Contact Person: Ron Di Donato or Dave Anderson
Address: 4768 Felspar Street
Riverside, CA. 92509
Phone: (888) 550-SPIN
FAX: (909) 360-2478
Background information:

Only SpinTech's patented design provides maximum performance for today's modern engines. (And yesterdays!) It's all done by means of a Spin sound trap, which captures sound vibration (noise) and turns it into heat within the muffler case. As exhaust gases enter they are routed to the spin traps which create a high velocity vortex trapping the sound waves. The extremely high flow rates are achieved by a unique internal scavenging system that creates a venturi effect.

Spintech is the only muffler manufacturer to offer a complete line of oval inlets and outlets ranging from 1 1/2" to 5" oval. SpinTech also offers a complete line of all necessary oval transistions, tubing, elbows in both plain and oval tips.

Track Tested for 4 Years
with Spectacular Results

Spin Tech Entropy Muffler Technology

Yes, it's different than any muffler you've seen before! Traditional muffler designs attenuate sound in two ways: friction and absorption. No cancellation ever takes place in a muffler unless it has moving parts, i.e., electronic mufflers. Electronic mufflers are very expensive, complex, heavy, and not designed for performance uses. There is a fourth method of sound attenuation we will present here. it is based on the second law of Thermodynamics, or Entropy.

The Entropy of a system relates to organization of the system. Sound energy actually represents a form of organized energy in the sense that the molecules of air or gas vibrate together in a unified way (on a microscopic level these gas molecules move and bounce off one another like billiard balls). Heat energy also is the vibration of molecules. Heat and sound energy are very much the same except for one major difference, organization or Entropy. Heat is a completely randomized molecular vibration, while a sound wave is an organized wave front of vibration.

Spin Tech mufflers utilize a patented spin sound trap to retain and quickly randomize vibration wave front energy into heat energy. On a size, weight and effectiveness comparison, no other type of muffler works as well. Friction mufflers have high back pressure and can still be loud. Absorption mufflers (straight through types) can have very good flow, but are loud, and get louder as they wear out. Spin Tech, spin sound trap Entropy mufflers, have flow rates approaching the straight through absorption types, no packing to blow out, and the maximum attenuation of any type muffler at high flow velocities.

Flow routing is based on advance fluid mechanics and fluids technology. Vortices are sustained inside of the spin sound traps. Vent holes are placed in an area where the case wall and sound trap form a Venturi. As gas flows over the vent holes the reduced pressure extracts gas out of the trap. Incoming exhaust from the main exhaust flow stream refills the trap and maintains the vortex motion that promotes the entropy conversion of sound to heat energy within the muffler. As flow velocities and throttle settings increase the attenuation increases to amounts never achieved by any other muffler of this size and weight.

Spin Tech mufflers are the most effective race and street muffler in the industry. As sound limits become requirements in most forms of motorsports, Entropy mufflers from Spin Tech are the most effective way to race friendly and not be penalized. Street mufflers have a great performance sound that actually gets quieter as higher and higher exhaust velocities flow through the muffler.

SPIN TECH Performance Mufflers
4768 Felspar Street
Riverside, CA 888-550- SPIN(7746)

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