Some of Those Fine Print

Be it understood; the dues you pay when you join, are what cover the printing and postage costs of the bi-monthly publication, the Galaxie Gazette, and that our obligation for membership is to deliver six (6) copies of the magazine to you, to the best of our ability per year. All other "benefits" are free and are above and beyond the magazine obligation and can be terminated at any time for any cause. The web site and members only section is an unsecured free "benefit" that is maintained as a "labor of love" by the current Director of the club.

As for magazine delivery, due to irregularities in the United States Postal Service (USPS) for delivering standard mailings, we are unable to guarantee that your magazine will be delivered "timely". (Within a week or two of shipping) We are actually unable to even guarantee that the magazine will ever even reach you. Between each issue we receive phone calls and E-mails from members whose magazine was extremely late in reaching them or lost. The average per issue out of the amount of members we have has been about 10-20 (out of 2500 mailed), which are the odds you are gambling with by obtaining a club membership. We have hundreds of members that have never had magazine problems. It seems to be a local problem in certain areas of the country. IF this does happen, and we still have some available we will send you a replacement copy. Quite frequently we run out because we try to have only the amount printed as needed. Also, IF YOU CHANGE YOUR ADDRESS and do not let us know in a timely manner, we will not send out another magazine free of charge. The cost will be $5.00 to cover the cost of postage and printing, IF the magazine is still available. Unfortunately we have heard of magazines taking over ONE MONTH to be delivered. Please realize that this is not our fault, but the fault of those that take on the responsibility of delivery.

When you join our club, please understand that you are contracting with us to provide six (6) copies of our magazine per year, and we provide those in digital format in the members only section for free as well as the copy we send to you. When you join you are agreeing to use the United States Postal Service for the delivery of these magazines. If you have a complaint that magazines are not being delivered timely, please contact your local Post Office and file a complaint. We pay good money out of your dues (THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS A YEAR) to have your magazine delivered in a timely manner to you. If they do not do their job, we certainly can't be responsible. If the membership reaches a large enough volume we will be able to utilize a first class bar coded permit which is another reason for you to try to have fellow Galaxie owners join the club.

Please understand that the magazine is always available on-line to read or download and print if for some reason yours does not get delivered to you. The information is the same as the mailed one and they print out nicely.

IF you live in Canada, or any other country PLEASE understand that you chances of not receiving a magazine are even higher than in the US. We have Canadian and overseas members telling us all the time that magazines never get to them. We have NO control over this and you need to understand that when you join this can happen. You also can either obtain an electronic membership or else go to the members section and read, print or download the current issue.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.

As for your membership expiration date, your first year membership may not seem like it is a year (for the web site) because it is based on the magazine schedule not on the date you join. This is true, but please realize that the dues you pay cover the cost of our PUBLICATION, and all other peripheral "benefits" are in addition to that and free of charge, the web site members only section, E-mail group and forum for example. If your date of joining is January, the current issue will most likely be the September/October issue of the previous year. If we were to wait and send you the issue that matches your sign up date, you may be waiting 2-4 months for your first issue. We realize that would cause problems so we send the most current issue we have available from the printers. That is why your expiration date is based on which issue of the magazine that is sent to you. Once you get through the first year, all following years will be the same expiration date as long as you don't let your membership lapse. To make it more understandable, this is the magazine schedule:
January/February (Volume X Issue 1) goes to print the fifth of March and is mailed out near the end of March.
March/April (Volume X Issue 2) goes to print the fifth of May and is mailed out near the end of May.
May/June (Volume X Issue 3) goes to print the fifth of July and is mailed out near the end of July.
July/August (Volume X Issue 4) goes to print the fifth of September and is mailed out near the end of September.
September/October (Volume X Issue 5) goes to print the fifth of November and is mailed out near the end of November.
November/December (Volume X Issue 6) goes to print the fifth of January and is mailed out near the end of January.

Join in January-February and the current issue will be September/October, making your X date July/August of the following year. We have yet to figure out a way to keep the same expiration date for the web site and magazine without giving away free magazines to those who are on-line. That is not fair for the members who are not online.

Once you join, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions and since we will issue you a password and set up an account for the members only section, and since you will have access to any and all magazines, free downloads, etc. there will be no refunds for yearly memberships. Please understand that we are not computer experts. We are car guys using computers and if we could figure out a way to be able to allow the use of the free benefits without causing problems due to the magazine schedule we would do so.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

E-mail us if you have any questions.

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