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Membership in The Ford Galaxie Club of America. This includes six bi-monthly issues of our magazine, the Galaxie Gazette, one static cling window decal, and all other member benefits and discounts, including FREE classified ads, 50 words, up to three times a year. (Overseas members have an option to get the decal and the most current magazine before the next issue) The magazine is posted on-line in the members only section and as an added benefit a hard copy is mailed out unless you are an electronic (on-line) member only. You are agreeing to the terms and conditions of membership when you join. If you're restoring, own, or are looking for a Galaxie, join NOW! Please allow 72 hours for your membership to be processed. You can also renew using Paypal. New memberships and all U.S. or Canada renewals are available for 3 years and receive a $20 discount. PLEASE pick the proper category for ALL renewals, so that we don't sign you up as a new member again!

ANYONE can now join or renew in the club for an ELECTRONIC membership, IF you so desire. You are sent out a member card, and window decal, however you do not receive the hardcopy magazine. You will not receive the decal or member card if you are a member from out of the country unless you pick the upgrade membership. We will E-mail you a link to the Electronic PDF copy as soon as the cover is released from the printers. Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery of any item(s). All you need is Adobe Acrobat Reader to do this. Be sure you DO NOT sign up for electronic membership if you want the hardcopy of the magazine! A sample of a digital copy is available either in zip format or pdf format. The zipped file will unzip into a pdf.

ALL CANADIAN MERCHANDISE ORDERS MUST HAVE 20% ADDED FOR POSTAGE. Or else E-mail us for exact postage requirements. Overseas merchandise orders MUST E-mail us for exact postage. In this window below to the right is an arrow that points down. Click on that arrow and then pick from the list which membership you would like. If you are renewing, please pick one that says renew next to it.

If you prefer to send in your membership through the Post Office you can get an online application

33 years (1983-2016) of Ford Galaxie Club of America magazines on a DVD ROM * that you can search and print articles out of. This is like getting 33 YEARS of issues for less than the cost of one years membership! Great for new members, archiving and keeping track of what has been going on. GREAT FEATURE! THE DVD COMES WITH A BUILT IN SEARCH ENGINE TO SEARCH ALL THE PDF FILES FROM 1996-2016!
Get an idea what it is like by clicking HERE.
NOW AVAILABLE WITH A PDF version of our popular Restoration Resource Guide included! The complete resource manual with book marks so finding your parts is easier than ever!

( * PLEASE NOTE: These work with Windows operating systems only! )

I just got the DVD of the past issues of the Gazettes from you and it is GREAT! In fact with all the information you published on this DVD, in my opinion, it is the greatest source of information and insights for Galaxie owners that exists. To seriously own a Galaxie and NOT have this DVD is just plain silly! It is a MUST HAVE for anyone who holds a Gal special to his/her heart.
Thanks! Sincerely,
Gerard Tonno (Member 2007)
Automotive Professional

Only $40.00 TO MEMBERS including shipping

Are you in the process of restoring a 1959-1974 Galaxie? Well we are now carrying a 140 page PDF manual called Restoration Resources, produced exclusively by the Ford Galaxie Club by Galaxie owners for Galaxie owners. It lists hundreds of Ford parts dealers, literature dealers, specialty salvage yards, companies that repair and restore parts, insurance companies, appraisers, transport companies, etc. These are downloadable PDF manuals that need to be in the library of every true Galaxie enthusiast. The hardcopy version is now out of print and we will NOT be reprinting them due to the higher cost of printing. We would have to sell them for $40 and that is simply too much. Fast and easy to use on your Windows 95+ computer. The downloadable version is searchable and a lot easier to use then the $25 - $45 (according where you live) out of print hardcopy. THIS IS AVAILABLE NOW! So get a DOWN LOADABLE and editable PDF version available for the low, low price of $15.00 That's right $15.00 World Wide Purchase available! Non-member price is $30.00 (US Delivery) and is sent out on a CD. DIGITAL DOWNLOADS FOR NON MEMBERS ARE NON REFUNDABLE. Make a note of this.
PLEASE NOTE: This download has a LIFETIME GUARANTEE against out of date phone numbers or addresses. All you have to do is notify us of any phone numbers you find that no longer work and we will update the download and send you a link to the new one. Due to the continual update by phone companies because of the cell phone structure we find that phone numbers do change. You can also update it yourself if you have Adobe Acrobat. And if you don't have Adobe Reader you can get a copy for free HERE.

Check out our club apparel and accessories below.

The Ford Galaxie Club is pleased to announce that we have the following club related items now available for purchase to the membership. (or anyone else who wants one!)

1. T-shirts with a full color print representing 1959, 1962, and 1968. These are available in S,M, & L. XL, XXL and XXXL.
If you purchase one for overseas delivery, you will need to send seperate payment for shipping to Example...One large T-shirt to New Zealand cost $16+ for shipping. Australia is about the same and Europe is a bit less.

Currrent Style - does not have the Branson Statement on it.

S, M, L, XL: $35 XXL, XXXL: $40.00

2.  Base ball cap in red with the club logo EMBROIDERED on the front. One size fits all. CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK


3.  Lapel pins stating Ford Galaxie Club. Only $3.50


4.  5 ½" wide Club iron on patches. (they can also be sewn) Show your colors wherever you can! These are $4.50


5.  Static Cling Window Decals with the clubs logo and the word member at the top, one comes with membership.Members ONLY can order these. Extras are $1.50


(The decal has a transparent background)

6. Show cards for the windshield of your car at car shows. A nice 4 color printed card that shows off your club colors. Members ONLY can order these. $1.00


7. SPECIAL! SPECIAL! Shop manuals on CD! (Now available for MAC as well as WINDOWS. Be sure to pick the proper option from the drop down menu.) 1959-1974 Galaxie, Custom, LTD, (Full sized Ford) OR any other marque and model. These are from Detroit Iron Information Systems and are GREAT for saving time and effort and not having to lug around your valuable hardcopy shop manual. These are $69.95 plus shipping from other sources. OVERSEAS PURCHASERS, OR CANADIAN PURCHASERS MUST USE THE ORDER LIST FOLLOWING THIS ONE.

Only $45.00 including shipping - US delivery

Canadian and Overseas CD Shop Manual orders

Only $50.00 including shipping - Overseans and Canadian delivery

8. KOY Software presents a fantastic 1959-1974 Galaxie data plate information decoder. The way it works is quite simple. First pick the template of your year Galaxie, type in the serial number and other data plate information and press the process button. You can even add more cars by checking the append box. This is an excellent program with MANY hours put into it placing all the information from the 16 Ford Shop manuals into the data base. (PLEASE NOTE: If you downloaded this when it was available for 1960-1974 you can update to 1959-1974 for free by clicking HERE to download the update file. Just extract it into the folder that your decoder program is in and it will update automatically.) These are $8.50 on Compact Disc (CD) sent by snail mail or $6 for an on-line download. We will give you a serial number and activation key to enable you to decode data. You can download and run the program without an activation key, but you won't be able to decode your own data without the key. You can, however, decode five sample codes (see the help file) to see for yourself how the program works. THIS WILL WORK ONLY WITH WINDOWS SYSTEMS

PLEASE NOTE: The registration key delivery
is not automated; your key will usually be
E-mailed to you within 24-48 hours.
Downloadable: $6.00
Mail Order Compact Disc (CD): $8.50


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