Ford Galaxie Warranty Plate Decoding Program

Josiah Reynolds presents a fantastic 1959-1974 Galaxie data plate information decoder.

The way it works is quite simple. First pick your year of template, then you type in the serial number and other data plate information and press the process button. You can even add more cars by checking append. Don't be discouraged by the low price. It is an excellent program with MANY hours put into it placing all the information from 15 Ford Shop manuals into the data base. These are $8.50 on CD-ROM and self-installs or $6.00 for an on-line download, we will give you a serial number and activation key to enable you to decode data. You can download and run the program without an activation key, but won't be able to decode your own data without an activation key. You can, however, decode five sample codes (see the help file) to see for yourself how it works.

Order yours with Paypal from the club online today or through the mail from:
Josiah Reynolds
PO Box 429
Valley Springs, AR 72682

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