November-December 1999
Galaxie Gazette

Have you Flown A Ford Lately?

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November-December 1999

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From the Drivers Seat
The Little Ones
Coming soon from AMT-Ertl!
Building a "Bright Box"
By Mark Reynolds
I have a '64 Galaxie 500 that has no DSO code. Is this car special or what?...By Greg Donahue
Galaxie Trivia
Mark Reynolds
Y2K Nationals
Information on the 5 day extravaganza for the
September 2000 Club Nationals
Book Review: "Road Test" Limited Edition
By Mark Reynolds
Restoration Blues - Part II
by Arthur Hoyt Jr.
by Matthew L. Prader
Detroit Iron Information Systems
Your shop manual on CD
Member Profile of the 1962 Galaxie 500 2 Door Hardtop
owned by Members George and Paulette Wood of Chula Vista, California

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